Ascent Yarns Pvt. Ltd. Case Study

D-ERP is a revolutionary product for the yarn Dyeing Industry. It includes various modules which in turn cover all the required processes of a yarn dyeing unit and beyond. Sales and matching order generation, beaker process results, production planning and process mapping, inventory management, weighing scale integration, dyes and chemicals dispenser integration, extensive reporting are an integral part of the system.

Ascent Yarns Pvt. Ltd.

Founded in 1997, Ascent Yarns has grown well beyond its roots in Melbourne, with owned or operated manufacturing facilities producing world-class yarn in four countries. As our global footprint grows, so does our focus; our knowledge of worldwide markets serve as the driving force for innovating industry specific product and service solutions.Global Pacific leads in production of yarn for woven labels.

Our production uses technology that has been specially developed for making yarns that are optimized for label weaving.


Having production facility in India and marketing office all around the world, co-ordination was becoming a challenge for the company. Easy and timely flow of information was the need of the hour. Other major issue faced by the company was with the materials inward and outward flow they were having internal challenges in identifying whether the right material of the right quantity was being delivered to the right client or not.


A comprehensive solution was provided by our team using Microsoft Technology (Microsoft .NET and SQL Server). The modules included were : – matching order generation, beaker process results, generating a job card, inventory management, issue of dyes and chemicals etc. Every with following features and modules:

  • Order Generation (Sales and Matching)
  • Inventory Management
  • Beaker Process
  • Dyes and chemicals dispenser integration
  • Production Planning
  • Precise details of Each process
  • Realtime status of any customer order
  • Extensive cost and Inventory status report


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